Many’s Bio

Many Resendiz was born in the city of Madero, in northeastern Mexico, on September 18, 1988. His aunt, a drummer, taught him at the age of 8 about musical language and the paradiddles on the drums. He studied at the Tamaulipas Music School from 2017 to 2019. In addition, Many studied a career in International Business. Currently, he plays drums in bars and restaurants in Tampico.

The most influential drummer in his life was the famous Steve Gadd; a musician who played with Al Jarreau and Michael Jonaz, among others. Other drummers like David Garibaldi, Dennis Chambers, and Mike Portnoy are some with whom he got inspiration for playing and studying drums. About music that fits with his style, Many recognizes influence from Maná, La Ley, Caifanes, and Rata Blanca from the Latin World. About European influences: Stratovarius, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Sonata Arctica. But personally, he loves AC/DC, as “Many” other classic bands, musicians, and artists.

Gear: Tama Starclassic / Mapex Saturn drums and Pearl tombs; Zildjian cymbals A and K series; Vic firth 5a american classic drum sticks.