“The Stepford Wives”

The third influence in our story of Dave Miller is this underrated masterpiece by Ira Levin, author of the famous horror novel “Rosemary’s Baby.” Once again, we have an artificial being embedded in a seemingly human body. Another author who is sure that among us (the humans beings: we love, feel and empathize) are frivolous but brilliant creatures who are camouflaged in our society to take everything that belongs to us; creatures who dominate from the highest spheres, enslaving the weakest among humans; the puppets.

This novel is a savage commentary on a media-driven society that values the pursuit of youth and beauty at all costs. In this social class, the Master of puppets presses his wealthy slaves to generate money, hold the status and beauty, and to push their community into the consumer society.

One more time, it’s the revelation of a power (see our post about They live!) that seeks to accommodate things so the alpha slave they have chosen (the man, for the moment) make everything in their favor to monopolize what they ask for, without discomforts. The Power decide to replace all real women with frivolous machines that only obeys the system. The idea is that they obey, be submissive and not challenge the world of these alpha slaves from the system.

“That’s why we think “The Stepford Wives” is not only a sexist novel, but the will of an inhuman system that controls and decides for us to survive, because would be the same if we change the alpha genre in the equation and turn the roles; anyway, they would be there to serve the master of puppets; who have only decided to change the prototype to see if women do “the job” better.” ThyS

The book has had two feature film adaptations, both using the same title as the novel: the better one is the 1975 version.

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