“The Body Snatchers”

The second work that has influenced “The Standing Man” trilogy is The Body Snatchers; a 1955 science fiction novel by American writer Jack Finney.

A real-life town being invaded by seeds that have drifted to Earth from space. The seeds, grown from plantlike pods, replace sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates with all the same knowledge, memories, scars, etc. but are incapable of human emotion or feeling. The human victims disappear forever. The duplicates live only five years and cannot sexually reproduce; consequently, if unstopped, they will quickly turn Earth into a dead planet and move on to the next world. One of the duplicate invaders claims this is what humans do — use up resources, wipe out indigenous populations, and destroy ecosystems in the name of survival.

“I’ve never swallowed that there’s a vocation to generate money and gain power at all costs in the human being, as the only purpose in its life. Such frivolity, without the slightest empathy in their relationships and scope, cannot belong to the human essence. I just don’t believe it. It must come from a non-human germ, from a reptile; a creature with a voracious spirit, but never a soul.” (ThyS)

The novel has been adapted for the screen four times; the first film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1956, the second in 1978, the third in 1993, and the fourth in 2007.

We leave you a link under the poster. If you buy the book or download it for free, it’s your business. But remember; being awake is always a risk. Take care of your back.

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  1. Interesting to think about that kind of human behaviour as a kind of “parasite”, unluckly it seem we all are infected.

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