“Eight O’Clock in the Morning”

All creation was inspired by another or others. And with our first chapter it didn’t happen differently. Therefore, our first inspiration of the week is:

“Eight O’Clock in the Morning”; The Ray Nelson‘ short story is our inspirational theme for “The Standing Man, 1st chapter” album. Radell Faraday “Ray” Nelson (born October 3, 1931) is an American science fiction author and cartoonist, most famous for this 1963 short story, which was later used by the filmmaker John Carpenter as the basis for his 1988 film They Live.

Ray Nelson’s short story was first published in the November 1963 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. But Carpenter first encountered the story 23 years later, in its comic book adaptation, “Nada.”

“For those like us who are awake, glasses are nothing more than a euphemism to the different way we have to see and perceive reality (or this matrix). Somehow, we are awake compared to others. The question is, does it make sense to wake up others. I think so, to those who want. After all, believing that they watch over us is gratifying for many, because nobody has to fight for what they want, just ask for alms.” (ThyS)

In the following links, you can find the story and the comic. You can download them for free or paid, but always at your own risk. It will always be a risk to be awake.

Read the Tale (pdf) here: https://pvto.weebly.com/uploads/9/1/5/0/91508780/eight_o%E2%80%99clock_in_the_morning-nelson.pdf

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