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Welcome to “Climbing High“; the 8th single from “The Standing Man, 1st chapter” album.

This song suggests the possibility that, perhaps, this System be educating us to attain consequences (Being worth millions, possessing power, being successful, influential, admired, fat cat in assets, etc…) without the need of striving to causes. Which from its conception would be unnatural, since it goes against a basic physics law; Cause and Effect. It cannot happen inversely; tsunamis cannot happen before the earthquakes. So, we cannot hold a consequence as a target without a cause first.

Our protagonist understands that “the error” in the Utopian Capitalist Neoconservative nurturing that he has had, settles down in the fact that consequences are chased by Humanity and not causes. The danger of not holding a cause in life, would take us to look for the easy and shorter road toward the consequences demanded by this sick society. What will happen then? Well, what happens whenever we act without direction, without focus, without causes (As Hitler prays once: “Truth doesn’t matters, but victory…”); “the end will justify our means”. And it’s here where we will go deeply into corruption, to theft and murder.

The natural focus is a cause. If you hold a cause, you will fight to be -and make- the best for it without asking for any in return. But then, after years of studies, experiences, and hard work, you will get what you deserve: maybe success, admiration, respect, or money, or even power. Maybe the most important consequence: be trascendant (be alive, be still here, after death).


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