Hi everybody!

Here is the 7th song from the album called “The Standing Man, 1st chapter”.

Time to break the shackle that the system has put us in perpetuity, and release those other chains loaded with guilt; secured by ourselves after years of indoctrination in order not to fail others. We do not owe anything to anyone, except compassion and solidarity for those who remain enslaved. David Miller begins to be aware of all the power he has, and always had.

Ps: Indoctrinated to live in Dualism, through School Education (intelligent or ignorant), Religion (good or bad), Political Ideologies (left or right), the Competitive System based on results (successful or loser), the Banking System of the loan and the debt (rich or poor), the Lords of War (brave or coward), from the Mass Control through Media (updated or obsolete), and above all through the Social Construct Judgement, through Guilt, by not complying with its Success Expectations (innocent or guilty. “So, you will have to born again”: the Arcane).

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